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    • Abby Necklace
    • $99.00
      - 14 KT gold-filled- Handmade in the US Beautiful necklace with long, organic rectangle shape pendant.
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    • Adele ring
    • $199.00
      Mermaid fin ring hammered look, 14K Goldfilled or sterling silver.Comes with swarovski crystals in a variety of colors.May come without stone,plain (by order).Handmade in U.S.
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    • Alie Bracelet
    • $199.99
      14 KT gold-filled wire crochet- Handmade in the US This handcrafted wire crochet bracelet boasts luxury and glamour. Each part down to the clasp is handmade with great attention to detail.
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    • Amor Necklace
    • $120.00
      - 14 KT gold-filled- Wire crochet heart- Handmade in the US A delicate necklace with wire crochet heart pendant
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    • Bella Bracelet
    • $259.00
      - 14 KT gold-filled- All-around wire crochet- Large Swarovski crystal- Handmade in the US Luxury meets romance. The Bella bracelet features wraparound wire crochet with an enlarged midnight blue Swarovski crystal.
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    • Belt
    • $279.00
      handmade crodhet 14k goldfilled leather
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    • Blessing Bracelet
    • $99.00
      gold filled 14 k.- lather bracelet.- handmade in the us.- you can order any name or blessing in every language. - wrap bracelet  
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    • Briar Necklace
    • $299.99
      Crochet Handmade 14K Goldfilled necklace.
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    • Carrie ring
    • $129.99
      - 14 KT gold-filled wire wraparound- Coral stone- Handmade in the US- Each stone is one-of-a-kind
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    • Choker
    • $169.99
      14K Goldfilled handmade crochet crystal Swarovski Choker which can be ordered in silver or rose gold.
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