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    • Zipora ring with hamsa
    • $259.99
      - 14 KT Gold-filled- Symbolic Hamsa charm- Handmade in the US Good luck and positive energy wrapped around your finger.
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    • Zipora Ring
    • $299.00
      - 14 KT Gold-filled- Wire wraparound- Handmade in the US Dress it up or down, this luxurious gold wraparound ring is the perfect statement piece.
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    • Sadie Ring
    • $199.99
      14 KT Gold-filled- Swarovski- Wire crochet- Handmade in the US- Each crystal is one-of-a-kind A classic, delicate wire crochet ring with an enlarged golden yellow statement Swarovski crystal.
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    • Rotem ring
    • $159.99
      coile ring
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    • Natalie Ring
    • $599.00
      Three 14K Gold custom made name rings.May order one or more as well.Handmade in U.S.
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    • Molly Ring
    • $149.99
      Hammered 14K Goldfilled/sterling silver ring.Handmade in U.S.
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    • Leila ring
    • $99.99
      14 KT gold-filled wire crochet- Swarovski crystal- Handmade in the US- Each crystal is one-of-a-kind
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    • Jennifer Ring
    • $199.00
      - 14 KT Gold-filled- Swarovski crystals- Handmade in the US- Each crystal is one-of-a-kind Elegant wire wrap ring with delicate Swarovski crystals mixed within.
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    • Initial rings
    • $79.99
      14k gold band ring with initial  custom made any language  white gold,rose gold,yellow gold made in us
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    • Holly Ring
    • $199.90
      - 14 KT gold-filled- Handmade in the US Colorful, bold and stylish - the ultimate statement ring
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